Here are some samples of my work about pets, wildlife and conservation for the Associated Press, Mongabay, National Geographic online,and elsewhere.



Do dogs really prefer baby talk? -National Geographic

Does your dog prefer you over everyone else? It's complicated - National Geographic

One dog year equals 7 people years? Not so fast... - Associated Press

On breed labelling of shelter dogs - The Bark

The right fit: shelters choosing more open adoption procedures - Associated Press

Fostering  *  Think outside the bowl


Conservation and wildlife

The struggle to breed Sumatran rhinos in captivity

Orangutan culture and conservation

Animal Trainers Gone Wild: making use of trainers in fieldwork with wildlife

 The cute and endangered slow loris

Bowling for Rhinos: a grassroots effort with global reach

Fireflies    *  Native Bees *   Year of the frog  

Critters in the City

Living with Coyotes  *  Snakes are not so scary    *  Wildlife-friendly Backyards   

Helping Wildlife Babies  *  Lights Out for Birds   



Why you're probably training your cat all wrong - National Geographic

   Cat agility   *  Feline-ality


Other furries

Pigs can make great pets, but are not for everyone

  No bunnies for Easter  * World's Largest Rodent Pet  *  Ferrets

Just for fun

Gifts for the dog who has everything    *   Cat toys for hard times  *  The history of poop-scooping



Racing pigeons   *  The pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys: where are they now?  *  Pigeon War Heroes


Adoption and Rescue

Certified Pre-Owned Cats  *  Pinups for Pitbulls  *   Pug Rescue


Pets and Kids

Can I pet your dog?   *  Your cat and your new baby 

Pet health

Is your pet fat?   *  Spay Day    *  Coping with vet bills