Here are some samples of my work about pets, wildlife and conservation for the Associated Press, Mongabay, National Geographic online,and elsewhere.



Does your dog prefer you over everyone else? It's complicated - National Geographic

One dog year equals 7 people years? Not so fast... - Associated Press

Why you're probably training your cat all wrong - National Geographic

On breed labelling of shelter dogs - The Bark

The right fit: shelters choosing more open adoption procedures - Associated Press

Fostering  *  Think outside the bowl


Conservation and wildlife

The struggle to breed Sumatran rhinos in captivity

Orangutan culture and conservation

Animal Trainers Gone Wild: making use of trainers in fieldwork with wildlife

 The cute and endangered slow loris

Bowling for Rhinos: a grassroots effort with global reach

Fireflies    *  Native Bees *   Year of the frog  

Critters in the City

Living with Coyotes  *  Snakes are not so scary    *  Wildlife-friendly Backyards   

Helping Wildlife Babies  *  Lights Out for Birds   



  Training cats   *  Cat agility   *  Feline-ality


Other furries

Pigs can make great pets, but are not for everyone

  No bunnies for Easter  * World's Largest Rodent Pet  *  Ferrets

Just for fun

Gifts for the dog who has everything    *   Cat toys for hard times  *  The history of poop-scooping



Racing pigeons   *  The pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys: where are they now?  *  Pigeon War Heroes


Adoption and Rescue

Certified Pre-Owned Cats  *  Pinups for Pitbulls  *   Pug Rescue


Pets and Kids

Can I pet your dog?   *  Your cat and your new baby 

Pet health

Is your pet fat?   *  Spay Day    *  Coping with vet bills