Welcome! I'm the author of three books and a freelance writer for the web and print. I specialize in writing about the animals that share our planet and our homes. I have also written on a wide variety of topics in the arts, travel, food, and home and garden, with a strong sideline in all things Japanese. You can check out samples at the links above.

My latest book: The Pit Bull Life, co-authored with Deirdre Franklin of Pinups for Pitbulls!



The Lemur's Cry is the second volume of my mystery series about small mammal zookeeper Hannah Lilly. It's now available for Kindle and Nook. Click Fiction above to read more about it.







You can read a short story featuring the characters in the series in the anthology Chesapeake Crimes: Homicidal Holidays. Order from the publisher here or from Amazon.



And don't forget my previous book!

Animals. Why do we think they're so cute, so noble, so admirable? They eat poop, for Pete's sake. Some of them will bite your head off as soon as look at you. I've spent much of my life either slaving over caring for animals, or writing about how great they are. This book is my revenge.

 Order Animals Behaving Badly at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local independent bookstore if you've still got one.